If You Can Only Have 3 Essential Oils, Which Ones Would You Choose?

If you can only have 3 essential oils, what would it be? Here are our top 3 recommendations.

1. Lavender to help you sleep.

It seems that the national sleep epidemic is getting more serious. The CDC found 1 in 3 adults who suffer from lack of sleep on a daily basis and most Americans are sleeping 2 hours less than we were a century ago. This is a huge and common problem, which is why lavender is at the top of our list.

The science: Korean researchers studied the effects of the lavender scent on 42 college students over 4 weeks. They found that the scent has a beneficial effect on insomnia and depression. [Reference]

2. Citrus for joyful energy

Our energy levels flows and ebbs throughout the day. There’s nothing like a whiff of orange to lift our mood and keep us going.

The science: One study compares the effects of clementine against vanilla. The mood map results suggest that scents like lemon, orange and clementine have a stimulating effect and increases happiness levels. [Reference]

Figure 1 Mood Map results for clementine, a citrus aroma, versus 

Mood map results for clementine versus vanilla from the study “Effects of Fragrance on Emotions: Moods and Physiology”

3. Peppermint to stay sharp

Peppermint has a refreshing scent and there are a number of studies that show that it helps us stay mentally alert. This scent is therefore good for times when we need to focus on our work.

The science: One study compared the effect of aromas of plant essential oils on cognitive performance and mood with 144 participants. The researchers found that peppermint enhances memory and increases mental alertness. [Reference]

Feel free to share your own top 3 favourites in the comments!

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